Ykee Benda on why he cheated on baby mama Julie throughout their relationship

November 6, 2023
Ykee Benda with Julie Batenga and their baby boy, Dante

Ykee Benda with Julie Batenga and their baby boy, Dante

Singer Tugume Wycliffe also known as Ykee Benda has revealed reasons why he cheated on his baby mama Julie throughout their relationship.

Ykee Benda and Julie were together for five years and in those years they welcomed their son Dante.

Shortly after giving birth they called it quits and people wondered why their relationship wasn’t working out yet they looked perfect together.

Ykee Benda has been complaining about his baby mama saying she has been denying him access to their son for some years now.

He said he doesn’t want to take any legal actions about it because that is the mother of his child. No bad blood should be built.

According to Ykee Benda, he also doesn’t regret about certain things that he did during their relationship.

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He said he used to cheat on her and he feels good that he also did that to hurt her at some point.

The singer said the reason why he did so is because there was no love between them, they tried to work out on things but failed completely.

“It was five years of no love, and the truth is I was in a relationship before she left. I’m not guilty about it,” Ykee Benda on the issue of him and his baby mama.

It should be remembered that Ykee Benda is now in another relationship. He recently made it public with his current girlfriend.