NBS TV ‘Katch Up’ Presenter, Sheila Salta Survives Panga Wielding Thugs

May 24, 2020
Sheila Salta

Sheila Salta

NBS TV ‘Katch Up’ presenter, Sheila Salta survived panga wielding thugs last night at her home in Bukasa!

Chilling from home with her friend Anita after energetic NBS TV Katch Up show on Friday, Salta decided to check windows and doors before going to bed at around 4am.

Returning to her bedroom to lock the window, she was confronted by two men wearing masks, standing in front of her window with machetes in their hands.


Sheila Salta




Salta made an alarm, her friend Anita came and calmed her down. She grabbed her 7-year-old son Liam and sought refugee in the bathroom of the master bedroom.

“I was looking them straight in the eyes, I knew I was in danger!” Anita helped me to stay calm, she was so brave, I couldn’t have done it without her”, Salta said!

Anita and Salta

They started calling police for the rescue. At the time of the attack, Salta’s boyfriend, Maxim Stuerbaut was not around as he had spent the night at their farm in Entebbe.




It didn’t take long for the police to arrive. The police officers say they were about four thugs who tried to break into the house and failed.

To compensate their energy, the thugs managed to grab some vegetables from her grandmother’s garden.

This is not the first time thugs have attacked Salta, In 2019, Sheila and her boyfriend Maxim Stuerbaut were invaded by burglars at their house and lots of money and valuable items were taken.