Why Jackie Chandiru Snubbed Cindy’s Boom Party Concert?

March 8, 2020

Yesterday, Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy made history to become the first female artiste to fill Lugogo Cricket Oval but her dream of reigniting Blu3 memories was shuttered after she failed to get Jackie Chandiru.

Cindy was practicing with Lilian and hoped by the time of concert, she would have secured Jackie too but all went with the wind.

After receiving treatment in California-USA, Jackie Chandiru returned to Africa but has been staying in Nairobi with the hubby.

On learning this, Cindy reportedly tried to reach out to see if she could have her perform at her concert but failed because of Jackie’s husband.

L-R; Blu 3; Jackie Chandiru, Cindy and Lilian

Inside sources say that when Jackie’s husband heard of Cindy’s intentions, he decided to immediately end their stay in Kenya.

According to our source, they will be heading back to Europe and for good because he doesn’t want Jackie in Uganda at all over her drug abuse past.