Big Eye Trolls Bebe Cool After Being Pelted With Bottles At Cindy’s Concert

March 8, 2020

Ibrahim Mayanja popularly known as Big Eye has trolled Bebe Cool after being him with bottles at Cindy’s ‘Boom Party’ concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Big Eye took to his Facebook page and posted a video of Bebe being pelted with bottles and asked if he didn’t have music.

It should be remembered that for the first time Big Eye was pelted with bottles,  Bebe Cool said it was because he didn’t have music.

To Big Eye this angered him because he expected his fellow NRN comrade to condemn the act or send him sympathies.

He also accused Bebe Cool for being shallow minded by not anticipating the situation which has made him lose his only source of income – performance.

Read Big Eye’s post below:

I think papa (Bebe Cool) even you they have pelt bottles at you because you don’t have music. I realy felt so bad when you made that statement about me when they pelt bottles at me but i couldn’t express ma anger because i respect you as ma elder. It was realy a very disappointing and selfish statement to the situation i faced. I was expecting a sorry from you at that time or to condemn the act. You didn’t think of where the situation was leading me to. Right now my source of income totaly got spoilt whereby am even about to sell my property to pay debts and to clear bills. With all due respect its not always good to brag on peoples hard situations as jokes. For me i say sorry about that papa.

Click on the link below to watch Bebe Cool being pelted with bottles: