WAR! Western Uganda Artistes Warn Kampala Artistes Not To Step In Their Region, Okays Bobi Wine – WATCH VIDEO

January 21, 2020

L-R: King Michael, Bebe Cool, Catherine Kusasira

Disgruntled Western Uganda artistes have warned Kampala artistes not to perform on their soil again.

The artistes accuse Kampala big dawgs of despising them at the extent of chasing them from the stage every time they are perfoming on their soil.

What angered the artistes into calling a press conference, is the fact that NRM have already booked Kampala artistes that wil be perfoming at president Museveni rallies in Western Uganda.

They questioned how the western artistes will get a chance to be known and earn when they can’t get a chance to perform for their own people.

According to Easy Man, a singer based in Mbarara, when Kampala artistes have concerts in Mbarara, they make us look like their puppets, they perform last, they want us to work under their orders and make us feel like we are not artistes yet we are in our home area.

Easy man went on and said that Western artistes are capable of performing without Kampala artistes and how do you tell him to pass through Bebe Cool or Kusasira to perform for the president.

The Western Ugandan artistes mentioned Bebe cool, Catherine Kusasira, Full Figure, King Micheal and Buchaman as the artiste that should stay away from the rallies. They said that they were actually ok with Bobi wine coming to perform in Mbarara.

Watch the video below: