Vinka speaks about having her first ever concert 

April 18, 2024


Singer Veronica Nalugya also known as Vinka has spoken about her first ever concert.

She said she doesn’t have any plans of having a concert any time soon despite being in the music industry for close to ten years.

But being signed under a big record label, someone would think they would be forced to to a concert for her so that they make money out of that.

According to Vinka, her management doesn’t force her to do what she doesn’t want to do. 

As an artiste, she is waiting for the right time to see if she can stage an amazing first ever concert for herself and for her fans.

Other Swangz Avenue artistes have had concerts but Vinka said she will have her own when she feels the right time it will be.

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“There are no plans to have a new concert soon, but hopefully, it will come. I have a new song called “Nza Gukunda,” a story dedicated to those in love,”