Kakalaamu, Kaye Wisdom Free Uganda, Destination Revealed

November 10, 2023
Kakalaamu (L), Kaye Wisdom (R)

Kakalaamu (L), Kaye Wisdom (R)

Radio Simba presenter and Youtuber, Gerald Seguya Lubega aka Kakalaamu and confused noise-maker, Kaye Wisdom ran out of Uganda in search of greener pastures.

Since Isma Olaxess’ death, many of his close friends have been freeing the country due to fear. Other journalists have also seized an opportunity to leave the country thanks to flexible immigration rules that allow them travel to other countries.

After processing paper work, Kakalaamu officially visited his baby mama’s parents in Kukyala ceremony last weekend. It should be noted that Kakalaamu has been moving countries to build his travel CV.

His first flight was in Dubai when he went with the late Isma Olaxess. Then flew to South Africa and recently, visited UK.

Kakalaamu with Kaye Wisdom watching Arsenal FC at Emirates Stadium

Kaye Wisdom too, left Uganda over uncertainty. After Isma’s death, Kaye though he would fill his void but Jajja’s shoes became too big for the motor-mothed analyst.

Apart from shouting while analysing issues, Kaye Wisdom had no permanent job. With no future in Uganda, he also decided to free.

Kakalaamu and Kaye have settled in Canada. We hear the latter plans to connect to the US with time. This come days after the pair attended NUP’s new party headquarter opening ceremony.

Kaye Wisdom and Kakalaamu (M) at NUP offices recently

Of late, many Ugandan celebs have freed dusty Kampala and settled for Kyeyo. Among them; Dikteta Mark left CBS and fled to the US. Patriko Mujuka – US, Ronald Mayinja – UK, Isaac Kawalya aka Kaiyz is in the US, Ibrak K Mukasa fled to Canada among many others.

With this influx, we expect more celebs, journalists and YouTubers to flee.