UN Boss Filmed Shaking In Moving Car | VIDEO

November 9, 2022
UN official shaking in car

UN official shaking in car

Employees especially in top positions have enjoyed life to the fullest. Blessed with fat salaries, these chaps have fun inside and outside offices.

In most cases, some top officials use job cars for personal use which contradicts with employment code of conduct.

Today, a video of top UN official shaking in a moving car went viral. A nosy netizen who was chilling on the balcony, saw a car shaking as it waited for traffic lights to go green.

He zoomed in and captured a UN official who was chilling in the back seat shaking before the car drove off after lights went green. The driver minded his business.

We are yet to discover which country the video was taken but its highly likely to be in Africa.


This is not the first time chaps have been nabbed in shaking cars. Some years back, a chap was nabbed by security operatives in areas of Mengo shaking in the car.

Some top government officials always use government cars for personal stuff.