There Is No Any Media Personality Who Has Ever Earned More Money In Endorsements Than Sheilah – Frank Gashumba Stakes 20m Cash – WATCH VIDEO

May 2, 2020

Sheilah and her dad Frank Gashumba

Political analyst, Frank Gashumba has come out to defend her daughter, Sheilah Gashumba after she took to her Twitter page and blasted NTV for paying workers peanuts.

As some seconded her issue, critics started bashing her reminding her that she is a school drop out.

Two years back, Gashumba recorded a video saying her daughter was the highest paid presenter in Uganda.

To clarify his statement, Gashumba said he didn’t mean earning only salary. He revealed that Sheilah used to earn over 20m a month in endorsements minus salary.

Gashumba opened up and disclosed that when Sheilah was joining NTV, she used to earn 800k a month net with benefits; Salon, clothing and transport under a Kenyan manager, Joel Munene.

When a Ugandan manager, Aggie Konde took over, everything changed and started paying employees peanuts.

Gashumba challenged whoever knows any media personality who has ever earned more money in endorsements than Sheilah Gashumba to challenge him, staking 20m cash.

Watch video as Gashumba stakes 20m cash below: