Frank Gashumba Attacks Dembe FM Presenters, Eddie Ssendi And Jenkins Mukasa, Likens Them To Sim Card And Hippopotamus

May 3, 2020

Yesterday while responding to critics attacking her daughter, Frank Gashumba attacked Dembe FM presenters, Eddie Ssendi and Jenkins Mukasa, likening them to sim card and Hippopotamus.

During ‘Talk and Talk’ show, Eddie Ssendi and Jenkins Mukasa blasted Sheilah Gashumba after she came out and revealed that she left NTV over peanuts pay.

Sheilah disclosed that while working on NTV ‘The Beat’, she used to earn 50k per show,  5-days a week, taking home 1m a month and on NTV ‘Style Project’, she used to earn 100k per show, taking home 400k a month. Her make up artiste used to charge her 80k per show, she had to transport herself, buy clothes etc. Sheilah argued that she would rather sell samosas than being famous and broke.

Eddie Ssendi described Sheilah as pencil-thin and asked her to use her brain not heart while Jenkins asked her to stop acting childish and grow up.

After hearing the romours, Gashumba went bare knuckles and branded Eddie Ssendi a sim card before calling Jenkins a hippo.

R-L: Eddie Ssendi, Kasuku and Jenkins Mukasa

“My friend called me and told me there is aka man called Ssendi who looks like a sim card, heading to 60s. You are 60 years old but bashing a 20 year old?, Jenkins i have been respecting you, the time you spend bashing Sheila, use it to work out. If we want to watch Hippopotamus we know where we go”, Gashumba blasted the two motor-mouthed presenters.

Gashumba also claimed that Eddie Ssendi was a peg boy during Kabaka Mwanga’s wedding.

With Gashumba’s blast, we are waiting for a mega war of words likely to come from Ssendi and Jenkins’ response.