SUPER RICH! Diamond Platnumz To Refund Money Used To Buy His Sister, Esma Wedding Car Gift By Her Husband | VIDEO | PICTURES

August 2, 2020

Diamond Platnumz has promised to refund the cash Esma Platnumz in-laws used to buy her a new BMW gifted to her during her wedding.

The car cost Elf 50 (Tsh. Milion 115).

Diamond made the offer after being impressed at the efforts his in-laws had made to make his sister Esma happy.

Not only will he refund but he would also add some dollars to that.


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“You have made me so happy so for that i will refund the cash you used to buy the car. On top of that i will add $50,000. I will ensure that the tax clearance for the car has been paid for if had not been paid. I am not doing this with any ill intention, am just happy over the efforts you have shown”, Diamond said.

“Nobody hates it when their sibling is getting married off to a good family”, he added.



The car was handed to Esma during her wedding reception.

Esma is sister to Diamond and Queen Darleen.

She is a mother of two children from a previous relationship. If you are broke usiseme watu huku nje hawana pesa, some are drowning in cash.