Meet The Man At The Centre Of War Between Dr. Stella Nyanzi And People Power’s Shamim Malende

August 3, 2020

The beef between FDC’s Stella Nayanzi and National Unity Platform Member (People Power)’s Shamim Malende has escalated over a man.

The man in question is known as David Musiri who is Stella Nyanzi’s lover according to her post.

Musiri David


Nyanzi and Musiri, a die-hard People Power supporter are not seeing eye to eye after he publicly opted to support her rival, Malende in the upcoming 2021 Kampala Woman MP elections.

Before People Power entered in alliance with National Unity Platform, Nyanzi picked both FDC and People Power nomination forms. After People Power signed the pact, Nyanzi refused to join National Unity Platform and stayed in FDC. Her rival, Malende joined National Unity Platform and will contest on its ticket.

As Nyanzi and Malende were being hosted on Nxt radio, Musiri posted Malende’s picture and captioned “Kasukali keko??”.

This angered Nyanzi and replied “Kasukali genda Okanuune..”


It is now clear that, Musiri values his allegiance to the party more than love. He is ready to lose Nyanzi.

Nyanzi recently handed in his resignation at Makarere University to pursue political career.