Sasha Files To Divorce Pastor Kiwewesi, Accuses Him Of Chewing His Flock

January 23, 2022
Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi with Barbara Sasha Kanyike

Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi with Barbara Sasha Kanyike

Barbara Sasha Kanyike has filed to divorce Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi, the senior pastor of Kasanga Miracle Centre following 15 years in marriage.

At 38-years, the Born-again fraternity put Kiwewesi on pressure to marry arguing that he was setting a bad example to the youth.

To calm the storm, Kiwewesi invited few guests at his birthday party in Bunga and proposed to Sasha who was by then 23-years and working with Uganda Telecom as a product value officer.

But some of his followers did not like Sasha. Many argued that she had a bad girl reputation and wasn’t a born again then.

Kiwewesi ignored the noise and exchanged vows with Sasha at Rubaga Miracle Centre in front of Pastor Robert Kayanja. The reception later happened at Namboole Stadium.

Sasha with pastor Isaac Kiwewesi

15-years down the marriage road, Sasha wants out and has filed for divorce at Makindye based High Court family Division.

Sasha says that in 2018, Kiwewesi became a bad boy and started neglecting his responsibilities as a father. Family members and friends from both sides tried to reconcile them but they failed to resolve their misunderstanding.

This forced her to leave their marital home in Bunga and relocated to the USA.

Sasha also accuses Kiwewesi of feasting on church girls, an act he vehemently denied.

In his defense, Kiwewesi also accused Sasha of denying him his conjugal rights.

He further accused her of always partying with ‘bad girls’ like princess Ruth Komuntale of Tooro kingdom who he says spoilt her to the extent of her dumping her responsibility as a married woman.

Barbara Sasha Kanyike (R) with Princess Komuntale (M) and her Squad

We hear that Sasha is seeking divorce so hat she can legalize her marriage with her new bae in the US.

Inside sources say that Kiwewesi is willing to divorce Sasha but his biggest fear is losing some of his prime properties which include the church, rental houses around Kampala city, and plots of land in different parts of the country.