Stop underestimating fields like comedy, dance, drama and singing- Hon. Betty Nambooze to parents

June 15, 2023

Mukono municipality member of Parliament Hon Betty Nambooze has asked fellow parents to stop underestimating fields like comedy, dance, drama, and singing.

She said these have made people big and they have also given some people a stable income than most of other careers.

In Africa, parents tend to focus more on education and end up neglecting their children’s talents.

But talents have pushed most people to do better and some of the most rich people in Uganda have earned it from their talents like singing, athletes and many others.

As a parent, Hon Betty Nambooze spoke to fellow parents asking them to consinder their children’s talents.

She said parents need to be more supportive when children choose their career paths because no one knows where they will end up and how they will end up.

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“People these days tend to underestimate fields like comedy, dance, drama, and singing. I want to call upon parents to support their children when they choose these career paths. Many people are earning a living from these fields,” Hon Betty Nambooze said

One of the people that has earned more from his talent is Bobi Wine. He started with the music, then became a Member of Parliament and ended up contesting as the president of Uganda.

He is also a president of a political party known as the National Unity Platform (NUP).