Recho Rey opens up about her relationship status

June 15, 2023

Singer and rapper Recho Rey has opened up about her current relationship status.

She said she is single and not ready to be in any relationship any time soon. She made this statement in one of her interviews with a local radio station.

Recho Rey is among the few female rappers in Uganda. Most of the rappers rarely involved themselves in relationships or even get into public relationships.

Like Recho Rey herself, she has been in the music industry for some years but she has never revealed a man she is dating to her fans.

According to the famous female rapper, relationship usually take most of her time and she feels like she doesn’t know how to balance a career and a relationship.

That’s why she has decided to focus on one thing at a time and now a career is a priority that’s where she is putting all her efforts.


g to Recho Rey, she hasn’t seen a man who will understand her and her career. Some come claiming to be understanding but after one month coming back home late from perfomances the man changes.

And as a girl who is determined, she can’t put her career on hold to please a man that’s why she is very single and not ready to commit to any relationship.

“I am single and I don’t look forward to any relationship anytime soon. I am more focused on my career at the moment I don’t have time for men. Let me first focus men will come later,” Recho Rey