Stop Mentioning Nabatanzi Or Am Leaving – Angel Threatens Lwasa

Lwasa with Angel

Lwasa with Angel

In March, renowned Masaka tycoon, Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi was introduced by Angel Kawunda in a colourful ceremony that took place in Nakasongola. He gave Angel a Toyota Mark X as a present.

The introduction happened a month after Lwasa parted ways with BBS TV presenter, Dianah Nabatanzi. It is romoured that the flamboyant tycoon wanted to show Nabatanzi that his money can secure himself whatever he wants.

Despite marrying Angel, Lwasa has never stopped talking about Nabatanzi. In fact a day a day after the introduction, Lwasa publicly started attacking the BBS TV presenter and labelled her a thief.

Dianah Nabatanzi

Lwasa would have walked away a happy man after 5-years of non-stop feasts but was hurt by the fact that Nabatanzi deliberately refused to conceive and produce for him a child.

Lwasa disclosed that she taunted him that he was impotent yet the flamboyant tycoon boasts of 14 children from different mothers. His goal is to peoduce 20 children.

Lwasa says he bought Nabatanzi a Pajero, started her a boutique, founded her lavish life style and was the one footing her rent bills.

Last week, Lwasa took to social media and revealed he is going to reward Angel with a mega boutique ‘Angel’s Boutique’ bigger than of Nabatanzi. The boutique will be dealing in classy garments from Turkey, Dubai and China.

Lwasa with new wife, Angel

As Lwasa plans to set up for her business, Angel is not happy with the hubby for his continuous attacks on Nabatanzi. She threatens to leave Lwasa if he doesn’t stop mentioning Nabatanzi in his interviews.

Angels admits she is becoming jealous and every time she turns on TV, it’s the same story; Lwasa talking about Nabatanzi. Angel has pleaded and advised Lwasa to forgive Nabatanzi if she wronged him in anyway.

In an interview, Lwasa cautioned Angel not to try him because there are many girls out there who are dying to have him.