Spice Diana Turns London Show Political, Spreads People Power Ideology – WATCH VIDEO

March 1, 2020

It’s no secret most artistes  have turned political and to entice the crowds, they resort to praising the parties or pressure groups thy subscribe to.

Yesterday while performing at The Royal Regency in London at a show dubbed ‘Love Fest’ that climaxes the month of Love-February, Spice Diana turned the whole show political by spreading the People Power ideology and praising Bobi Wine.

Show poster

Spice Diana through out her performance she kept on stinging the security forces accusing them of torture and reminding the revelers that they have to ‘Kwebereramu as Bobi Wine says.

She also sang her song, Twebereremu and kept on mentioning Bobi Wine’s name and People Power.

Spice Diana has always showed support to People Power and it’s not the first time she is doing so, she has done the same while in Uganda.

Spice Diana flew with King Saha, Irene Namubiru, and  Weasel Manizo courtesy of promoter, JF Solutions.

L-R: Weasel, Spice and King Saha after arriving in London

Click on the link below to watch the video: