Bad Black Trashes Bebe Cool-Rudeboy Collabo, Regrets Wasting Her Time

February 29, 2020

Ex-con, Shanitah Namuyimbwa popularly known as Bad Black has trashed Bebe Cool’s collabo song, ‘Feeling’ with Nigerian superstar, Rudeboy branding it bubble gum music.

Bad Black fresh from crossing from People Power to NRM did not spare his comrade and says she regrets wasting her time listening to the song.

During an interview with The Hot Spot, Bad Black claimed her ears have been paining for days and still wondering why Bebe Cool doesn’t grow up.

Bebe Cool with Rudeboy

Bad Black stung Bebe Cool by claiming even Fresh kid can’t sing such bubblegum song.

“I regret listening to Bebe Cool’s new song with RudeBoy, my ears have been paining me for two days…I don’t know why this man will never grow, Fresh Kid can’t even sing this Bubblegum song”, Bad Black said during an interview with the Hotspot yesterday.