Spark TV ‘Live Wire’ Presenter, Gabie Ntaate Reveals How She Used To Sell Herself For Money, Gives Girls Chilling Advise – VIDEO

February 17, 2020

Spark TV ‘Live Wire’ presenter, Gabriella Bridget Ntaate has publicly revealed how she used to live a reckless life to an extent of selling her body to men for money.

While appearing on an interview, Ntaate discosed she was in deep hole, booze and men has become her hobby.

She also advised fellow girls that it’s not late, they can get out of that life too.

“…I’m a person who has lived a very reckless life before, you have gone down the road okey of tou have slept someone for moey and you don’t love them, you are not connected but u just want what they can give u. I was a drunkard too, so if I can get out of that life, you have no excuse of staying in that life,”

Click on the link to watch Ntaate’s mind blowing confession below: