Chris Evans Gives Rema 5-day Ultimatum To Apologize To Him – WATCH VIDEO

February 17, 2020

Chris Evans is demanding an apology from fellow singer Rehema Namakula a.k.a Rema for Embarrassing him.

On Valentines day, Rema tried to drag Chris Evans off stage after he mentioned Eddy Kenzo’s name as they performed their collaboration song, ‘Linda’.

Luckily enough, Chris Evans overpowered her and remained on stage but Rema showed him anger and refused to sing the song.


Since then Chris Evans has been talk of the town and from the observation, it was Rema that started the joke after he trolled Evans that he was hit by hammer as she called him on stage.

Speaking for the first time since the incident, Chris Evans says that was uncalled arguing that at shows they make such jokes to spice up the revelers.

He says the way Rema dragged him with power trying to throw him off stage was embarrassing and has given ‘Clear’ singer five days to apologise to him.

Click on the link to watch the video below: