So Expensive! GNL Zamba Asks A Lot Of Money For Retirement Concert In Kampala

April 2, 2024
GNL Zamba

GNL Zamba

Singer GNL Zamba has surprised people with the amount of money he is asking for his retirement concert in Kampala.

He said he needs USD 50.000 from a promoter and everything will fall in line for him and his team.

GNL Zamba has been in the music industry for more than 10 years but he stopped being so active in the industry.

He married a white lady and moved to the United states of America USA with her which made production of music more bard.

However GNL Zamba had established his empire down in Uganda which made his name stay relevant in the industry than other artistes who move abroad.

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According to GNL Zamba, he is looking at retiring soon and he would like to have a retirement concert in Uganda.

He said he is apparently not in the country but he would like a promoter who believes in him to pay him USD50.000 and go on with the show.

In Ugandan music industry it is a lot of money that is being asked because people don’t usually pay a lot of money to go watch an artiste perform.

“Looking for a promoter to help my team and I to organize a show in #Kampala. Many of my fans new and old after seeing the Boston #GNLHomecoming Summer show promos have asked and truly deserve a well produced show in the city that raised us to celebrate the music that inspires Millennials and a Generation “Z”amba. I need $50,000 only, this will be my last show as I would like to retire and become a teacher. Anyone with the resources and experience can reach out to my team booking,” GNL Zamba posted