Daniella Atim denies being behind the hurtful message about Jose Chameleone’s family on Facebook

April 2, 2024

Singer Jose Chameleone’s ex wife Daniella Atim has denied being behind the hurtful messages about the singer’s family on Facebook.

She said she is only on one social media platforms which is Instagram as she doesn’t know how to use other platforms

Jose Chameleone and Daniella Atim were married for more than 16 years. They separated when she moved to the United states of America with all the children.

She recently revealed that the reason she moved to the USA is because of the domestic violence that was going on in the relationship.

As Daniella posted all about this unfortunately the Mayanja family lost their elder brother Humphrey Mayanja.

Jose Chameleone mourns death of elder brother Humphrey Mayanja 

That’s is a Facebook page in Daniella Atim’s name making bad comments about the Mayanja family.

According to Daniella, there are people trying to impersonate her but she has personally never used Facebook as a social media platforms.

She told everyone to disregard all the information moving on all those platforms.