Kojja Kitonsa speaks about dating Viola Nakitende

May 19, 2023

ItKojja Kitonsa a public uncle and talent manager has spoken about dating one of his musicians Viola Nakitende.

He said he is a married man, he doesn’t see reasons why he would be running after another lady.

Kojja Kitonsa has a history of dating his musicians he manages and denying it. He used to date Grace Khan but he denied everything until Grace decided to talk about it herself.

But by then, Grace Khan was still upcoming musician, she never knew what to do and how to handle such matters.

For Viola Nakitende, she has been in the music industry for some years. She was first managed by producer Baur and now she is in hands of Kojja Kitonsa.

Despite saying the two are dating, Kojja revealed that nothing is going on apart from businesses.

He said Nakitende comes to his place but they don’t get into sexual activities as he is a professional while doing his work.

“Coming to my place doesn’t mean we are dating. We all know am a Kojja. I work with Viola, but there is no romantic or sexual tension or relation between us. All the words out there are mere rumors,” Kojja Kitonsa said

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