Sipapa Labels Balaam The Leader Of Mafias In Uganda, Says He Is Jealous – LISTEN TO AUDIO

May 15, 2020

Sipapa and Balaam

The war between events promoter, Balaam Barugahara and city socialite, Charles Olim aka Sipapa is escalating day by day since the former tipped off URA to arrest the latter over tax evasion.

Balaam is also alleged to have betrayed Jose Chameleone by tipping off the tax enforcement officers to impound his gifted Toyota Land Cruiser V8.

According to Sipapa, Balaam is the leader of mafias in Uganda and he is so jealous.

He says they called him and Balaam to push Friends of Muhoozi project but the events promoter hijacked it. Sipapa also claims Balaam wants to link himself to the ghetto.

Watch video below:



Former money bags, Bryan White also claims Balaam is trying to finish him off by trying to flame him.

He pleads to leave him alone.