Another Babe, Vivian Mutanda Accuses Bryan White Of Bonking Them Colombian Mafia Style – WATCH VIDEO

May 15, 2020

Bryan White and Vivian Mutanda

Bryan White came into limelight in 2017 when stormed the social scene dishing out dime with an aim of helping the youth out of poverty.

Things went sour towards the end of 2019 when a lady by names of Sarah Matovu dragged him to court for failure to pay back $270,000 (about 994m) she lent him in November 2018.

Since then Bryan White started disappearing from the scene and all the people who were around him disappeared.

On Wednesday, a video of a lady named as Stella Nandawula with a bruised face appeared online claiming she was assaulted by Bryan White.

Bryan White with Stella Nandawula

Nandawula also claimed that Bryan white tortured, raped and forced her to abort several times.

However, the same lady appeared in a Facebook Live video with Bryan White and said she was under duress to falsely accuse Bryan White.

As the situation was getting back to normal, another lady named Vivian Mutanda has also come out and accused Bryan White of bonking them mafia style while in group.

Bryan White in a 3-some

Mutanda claims Bryan White used to make them drunk and bonk them into pieces. She also claims that she was forced to abort because she had no where to raise the kids.

Vivian Mutanda

Watch video below:


Vivian says she doesn’t want Bryan White to be given another chance to use other babes and regrets having known his name.

Bryan White says events promoter, Balaam is the one fighting him and wants him dead.