Sherry Matovu ventures into traditional healing

September 6, 2023

Faded singer and business woman Sherry Matovu has now ventured into traditional healing.

Sherry Matovu has been involved in selling her bleaching creams. That business even pushed her off her music career as she said it was more lucrative.

At the moment no one knows where the business stands and the attention has also shifted to her new adventures traditional healing.

She posted on her social media platforms that she is working on people with problems especially the men and women that have failed to find love.

Traditional healing is a way of making money here in Uganda and with all the things Sherry Matovu has tried to do and has failed she is now looking into that.

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The only difference between Sherry Matovu and other traditional healers is that she takes hers very modern.

She is using social media to market herself ane make sure her business is moving forward.

“Abazukulu ba jjaja Bamweyana muliwa🤷‍♀️
Jangu ogule ekyogo ekyambulula nekisumulula omukisa gwo👌
Lubaale bijjulo,birooto,mavvi nakunaaba byoggo🌿🍀,”