Sheilah Gashumba on why she doesn’t support feminists

April 15, 2023

Social media influencer and radio presenter Sheilah Gashumba has revealed reasons why she doesn’t support feminists.

She made this statement following the trending saga of football Hakim and his girlfriend over the property he put under his mother’s names.

In Uganda, feminists are always on social media commenting on different issues. They are always comdenming men and their bad acts against women.

But to Sheilah Gashumba, that’s shouldn’t be the case of the feminists and men.

She believes that men are not always wrong like the way feminists put it out their.

According to Sheilah Gashumba the reason she is no going to support the feminists is because sometimes, they are also in wrong but they tend to put all of it on men.

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Sheilah said women should learn to accepting their wrongs because as humans they make mistakes and most of the times men are always right

“I love feminists and women who root for fellow women but I would like to tell feminists that it’s not everyday that ‘men are wrong or bad’ or that ‘women are always right and that women don’t have faults or make bad decisions!Accepting our own faults makes us better women,” Sheilah Gashumba said

It should be noted that Sheilah Gashumba always speaks her mind when it comes to issues trending. She fears no one and doesn’t shy away from the truth despite the criticism.