Sheebah Reveals Why She Left TNS After Jeff Kiwa Branded Her ‘Lipstick’ Artist

January 10, 2022
Sheebah and Jeff Kiwa

Sheebah and Jeff Kiwa

The beef between Sheebah Karungi and her former Team No Sleep (TNS) boss, Jeff Kiwanuka aka Jeff Kiwa is hitting the boiling point.

Last month, Sheebah and Jeff parted ways following 8-years working tother and conquering the music industry.

In February 2020, the Queen Karma launched her own company, Sheebah Establishment Ltd sparking off rumour that she was planning to quit Team No Sleep (TNS).

Under her company, she has launched several businesses; Holic Pads, Red Terrace Bar and Red Events. Bought a yacht ‘Queen Karma’ cruise among many others as she prepared herself for life after TNS.


Last month Sheebah and Jeff amicably ended partnership. Jeff took to Instagram and posted a photo captioned, “I am grateful”.

Immediately, Sheebah hit back and posted a photo on Twitter donning a t-shirt written on, “It is what it is.”

She even took it to her Facebook page and defended her decision to quit TNS by insisting she had to fight for what belonged to her.

I was raised by a woman, who was raised by a woman that (Sic) was also raised by a WOMAN. It would be stupid not to FIGHT for my own

Jeff Kiwa

Her ranting forced the known quiet flamboyant Jeff to tell her off with an interview with Sqoop. He branded her a lipstick artist and insisted 2022 is not for people with ‘1990s excitement’ and that he will only work with serious artistes.

You find someone spending all their time plastering blood-red lipsticks and taking photos, how do you sell your music that way?. Seriously, I don’t need lipstick artistes. Five years are enough for you to be a brand material and an international artiste but when you’re fixated with small things like red lipstick, you remain just a vixen

Jeff Kiwa

This angered Queen Karma who took swipe at Jeff and hinted that the reason she quit was because she was underpaid and overlooked.

Playing humble makes one get overlooked, underpaid, and under booked

Sheebah posted on Instagram.

TNS has since replaced Sheebah with 17-year old, Nanyanzi Rahma aka Rahma Pinky and Sama Sojah.

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