SHE WANTS HIM BACK! Wema Sepetu Pours Her Heart Out, Tells Ex-Lover, Diamond Platmunz He Still Holds A Place In Her Heart

March 9, 2020

Diamond Platnumz yesterday posted  eight women on his Instagram and labelled them Super Women as the World celebrated International Women’s Day.

Among the eight, there were four former lovers; Zari Hassan, Tanasha Donna, Hamisa Mobeto and Wema Sepetu.

Damond went ahead to praise the women he posted and said they have made a unique contribution in his life and inspire him to work harder.

Among the first people to comment on the post was former lover, Wema Sepetu who poured out her heart and told Diamond Platnumz that he has a special place in his heart.

“U always have a special place in my heart… And you know it”, Sepetu commented on Diamond’s post.

It should be remembered that Sepetu was Diamond Platnumz’s first love before he dated Zari, Hamisa and Tanasha.

With Diamond now single after splitting with baby mama, Tanasha Donna, Sepetu could be positioning herself to win back the Tanzanian crooner.

Check pictures of Diamond with Sepetu before they split: