Police Arrests 11 For Pelting Bottles At Bebe Cool During Cindy’s ‘Boom Party’ Show

March 9, 2020

Uganda Police Force Spokesperson, Fred Enanga says they have arrested 11 people in connection to pelting singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool with bottles during Cindy’s ‘Boom party’ concert at Cricket Oval on Saturday.

According to Enanga, their covert officers at the concert were able to identify some of the revelers involved in throwing bottles and have since been apprehended.

“Our covert officers were able to arrest 11 people who were involved in throwing bottles,” Enanga said.

“Preliminary investigations indicate that five of these entered the concert with plastic soda bottles waiting for him to get to the stage and disrupt his performance.”

Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga

A number of artists mostly those loyal to the ruling NRM party and President Museveni have been at the receiving end of bottles while performing at various music concerts.

However, the police spokesperson said they are not sure of the motive of the suspects.

“We can’t know whether it was for political motives but investigations will tell,” he said.

Police response comes hours after Senior Presidential Adviser on Special Operations, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba slammed police and organizers of the Boom party concert for failure to protect Bebe Cool from “hooligans”.

“How could police and the bouncers at Cindy’s concert allow a few hooligans to hurl bottles at one of Uganda’s greatest artists? The same hooligans beat up women on women’s day for simply loving President Museveni and Bebe Cool,” Lt. Gen.Muhoozi said in a tweet on Monday morning.

“We expect a lot better next time from the Police,” he continued.