Shakira Shakiraa reports alleged city hacker to police for releasing her explicit content to public

October 20, 2023

Shakira Shakiraa

Struggling singer Shakira Shakira has filed a theft case against top city hacker Arinaitwe Herbert.

She accused him of stealing her mobile gadget and unlawfully leaking her explicit content in the public domain.

Shakira Shakiraa has been crying for the past days after losing her phone. The person that took it was sending her messages requesting for a certain amount of money.

That person was threatening to release Shakira Shakiraa’s videos and photos on that phone if at all she doesn’t send the money.

When she failed, a few photos and videos were actually released but they were not that bad.

The singer said there are more videos and photos that could be released any time. She said they are even more bad as she went ahead to apologise to everyone that they would affect.

Shakira Shakiraa in tears, her juicy videos and photos to be released soon

While going through all those emotions, Shakira Shakiraa also decided to investigate about her phone and the person that could possibly be behind everyone.

According to Shakira Shakiraa, she realised that the person who has her phone is known as Aranaitwe Herbert also known as David.

He says he is from the MK Movement and nothing can be done to him. But for Shakira Shakiraa, she decided to go ahead and report the matter.

Aranaitwe Herbert hasn’t been arrested but we will keep you updated on this story with every detail that gets to our desk..