Shakira Shakiraa in tears, her juicy videos and photos to be released soon

October 19, 2023
Shakira Shakiraa

Shakira Shakiraa

Singer Shakira Shakiraa is in tears after receiving threats that her juicy videos and photos are to be released on social media.

She said these threats are coming after losing her phone and people that stole it are now going to expose her.

Different celebrities have fallen victims of such incidents. Every time a female celebrity loses their phones, the first thing they think about is the juicy videos and photos.

Some people like Sheilah Gashumba didn’t even wait to lose their phones to be exposed. They were hacked into their snap chats and everything released on social media.

For Shakira Shakiraa, the people threatening her have only released a few photos that ain’t that bad.

She said in an interview that there more sensitive videos and photos that haven’t been released but she expects them to be out any time.

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The singer said that she is afraid that these photos and videos to be released may affect some people and that is her worst free

Shakira Shakiraa cried and apologized to everyone that might be affected by the videos. She said it is not her fault but she has nothing to do about the situation.

“I am very sorry that my videos and photos which are sensitive maybe released on social media anytime soon. I don’t know what to do and what to say as these people are asking a lot of money. I hope that people who may be affected by my photos and videos forgive me,” Shakira Shakiraa said