Shakira Shakiraa Jumps Out Of Daddy Andre’s Bed Over Nina Roz

June 28, 2021
Daddy Andre with Shakira Shakiraa

Daddy Andre with Shakira Shakiraa

Shakira Shakiraa real name; Shakira Kamulegeya, the up coming curvy singer has denied bonking Daddy Andre claiming she fears Nina Roz.

In a video that circulated online, Daddy Andre is seen touching Shakira’s tempting butt as they laugh and later have lunch together in a romantic manner.

In April, we broke a story how Daddy Andre dumped Nina Roz for US-based Ugandan slayer, Shakira and were planning a mega introduction ceremony.

Shakira Shakiraa

Since jetting in Uganda, Shakira Shakiraa and Daddy Andre has been inseparable. The pair spend most of the time together, if not at studios, at Daddy Andre’s bonking pad.

To promote her music projects, Shakira has been doing a couple of media tours on different radio and television stations.

During a recent interview, the curvaceous singer was asked to comment about the rumors that have been making rounds indicating that she is dating Daddy Andre.

Shakira Shakiraa

She defended herself claiming that Daddy Andre is a label-mate and cannot let him swim in her slippery pond.

Shakira further revealed that she would never want to be the reason for any happy relationship to end and that she fears Nina Roz.

“Uh, I fear her. You never know what a woman can do when rumors are saying that you are the reason they broke up”, Shakira Shakiraa told one of the local stations.

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz

It should be noted that Daddy Andre and Nina Roz first denied being in a relationship claiming they were label-mates until when the ‘Tugende Mu Church’ singer visited her parents in October 2020.

However, the exclusive intel we have is that Nina and Daddy Andre parted ways and no longer bonk.

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