Centenary Bank reveals its staff member behind stealing customers millions of money

October 19, 2023

Centenary bank has given an update on the news that was making rounds all over social media yesterday.

The video was about a customer hysterically crying after millions of money were withdrawn from her account without her consent.

She was seated at Centenary bank and the person the recorded her posted the video on social media. It immediately went viral leaving people wondering if they have a safe space to keep their money.

There has been such incidents with Equity bank but unfortunately Equity hasn’t done anything about it.

They always give a statement saying they are not responsible and people need to be careful with people they give them pin codes.

As it was a lot of money, Centenary bank didn’t settle down. They immediately issued a statement saying they have launched an investigation and they will be able to get on the bottom of an issue.

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They have updated their customers once again saying the investigations are done. They said the person behind the stealing of the money is their worker.

According to the statement released, this worked helped the fraudster to access the pin code of the customer and withdrew the money.

They said they are handling the worker and police needs to deal with the fraudster