SCARY! Dad Reveals Why Clever J Is Struggling And The Reason He Fell Out With Chameleone – WATCH VIDEO

February 26, 2020

After coming with storm in 2006 with songs; ‘Manzi Wa Nani’ and later ‘Ensi Yaleta’, Gerald Muwonge aka Clever J disappeared from music scene in 2010 and was later discovered in Kataluko-Buloba where he was making bricks.

Music lovers wondered what had happened to the guy Ugandans thought had come to dethrone Jose Chameleone because of similar voice.

From the interview with Clever J’s dad,  Mr Bukenya, it seems the ‘Manzi Wa Nani’ hitmaker’s problems stem from home. Mr Bukenya is a biological brother to Dr Jose Chamelone’s dad, Mayanja.

Clever J’s dad, Mzee Bukenya

Mr Bukenya revealed that Clever J refused to come and see his late mum when she was bed ridden despite her plea to see and talk to her son before saying bye to the world in December 2017.

The mum died bitter.

“I pleaded with clever J to come and see her mum when she was bed ridden but told me he was far. Her mum pleaded she wanted to talk to her son before she dies but Clever J failed to come and even did’t burry her”, Mzee Bukenya told the NBS Uncut in an interview.

Since then, Clever J has never stepped home but what hurts Mzee Bukenya most is the fact that he never buried his mum.

Mzee Bukenya also revealed the reason why Clever J fell out with his cousin, Jose Chameleone and the Mayanja family.

He said that one time while in Lira, Clever J was detained after confiscating music equipment after the promoter failed to clear his Shs.600k debt.

Instead of Chemeleone and his brothers to extend a helping hand, they started trolling him and labelling him a thief.

He also said that Jeff Kiwa told Clever J that Chameleone had bewitched him.

Clever J with Jose Chameleone at Comedy Store recently

Mzee Bukenya said that when he was still working in Kiyembe, Clever J came and told him that he was done with the Mayanja family. He told him that Jeff Kiwa told him that Chameleone said “Why don’t you leave Clever J, I bewitched him”.

And to Mzee Bukenya that was the end of Chameleone, Clever J and the Mayanja family relationship.

Mzee Bukenya also disclosed that Clever J grew up from his home until Primary 7 when he moved to Mayanja’s home.

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