Faridah Nakazibwe Speaks Out On Her Failed Relationship With NRM Boss, Hajji Moses Kigongo

February 26, 2020

Nakazibwe partying with Kigongo in Club guvnor

The National Resistance Movement national vice-chairman Haji Moses Kigongo led a delegation to Kanungu to visit Sharifa Karungi’s parents in 2016 but kept her as a secret wife until 2018 when he fall out with NTV ‘Akawungeezi’ news reader, Faridah Nakazibwe.

As we speak, Sharifah is now fully recognised as Kigongo’s wife after they went for civil marriage and their marriage was registered at the Uganda Registration Services Bureau on Tuesday, February 18.

Hajji Moses Kigongo with Sharifah Karungi

The pair met each other when she was working  in the office of the Second Deputy Prime Minister, Kirunda Kivejinja.

But to Nakazibwe who dated Hajji Kigongo for close to two years, she is not bothered and has never had kind words for the NRM boss.

In a recent interview, she confessed that she never really loved him. In estimation, he was just a loaded man who was funding her expensive lifestyle.

Although Nakazibwe is said to have also fallen out with new man, Dr Omar Ssali, she will not be cowed to talk about her past.

Nakazibwe partying with Kigongo in Club Guvnor

“Love is too big a word. The affair with Kigongo had nothing much. It just didn’t take off  beyond the runway. Perhaps, God did not bless it and that is why it ended the way it did.

“Not all affairs are meant to end in marriage. I have no regrets,” Nakazibwe said then. She also denied ever marrying Kigongo.

She even asked Kigongo to prove that a marriage had happened between them.

“I gave him the benefit of doubt, hoping that it would work out. Eventually, I realised that he wanted a wife, but was reluctant to marry. I also realised that he wanted to use me to get back at his estranged wife, Olive,” she said.

Nakazibwe declined to comment on Kigongo’s marriage to Karungi.