Sasha Ferguson Introduces Canary Mugume| PHOTOS

May 22, 2021
Sasha Ferguson introduces Canary Mugume

Sasha Ferguson introduces Canary Mugume

Sasha Ferguson yesterday afternoon officially introduced NBS TV news anchor and fiance, Canary Mugume to her family.

On May 7th, Canary Mugume accompanied by senior journalist, Andrew Mwenda, his family members and friends successfully visited Sasha‘s parents to ask a hand in marriage.

Today, Sasha Ferguson officially introduced Canary Mugume to her relatives meaning the pair are traditionally married.

After the successful introduction, Canary took to Twitter, shared the exciting news and said he is super excited about their new journey.

“Earlier today, Sasha introduced me to her family. Super excited about our new journey”, Canary Tweeted.

On April 29th, Canary made his intentions clear that he wanted marry Sasha and proposed to her after seven years of dating in the presence of few close friends.

Canary and Sasha Ferguson have been dating since 2015. Last year, word started making rounds that she had dumped Canary for a German guy, Philipp Klopp but she silenced the rumour by posting a video Kissing the NBS TV news anchor with a caption “A man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he has been raised by a queen”.

Sasha is a former WBS TV presenter. She is also a humanitarian, a founder of Draw A Smile Uganda – a charity organization that focuses on empowering and educating young women and girls.

On top of running a charity foundation, Sasha also owns Sash Hair Collection based in Kabalagala. She is also into fashion and doubles as an influencer too.

Check Pictures from the Introduction ceremony below:

Sasha Ferguson introduces Canary Mugume to her family
Sasha Ferguson and Canary Mugume at their introduction

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