Canary Mugume Balloons Sasha Ferguson

May 11, 2021
Sasha Ferguson introduces Canary Mugume

Sasha Ferguson introduces Canary Mugume

Sasha Ferguson introduced Canary Mugume to her parents last Friday in a move that Netizens claim was so swift following their engagement.

Canary proposed to Sasha Ferguson on April 29th in the presence of few friends.

The public was shocked by how quickly the events transpired despite knowing the two as long-time lovers. Canary and Saha started dating in 2015.

Canary Mugume proposes to Sasha Ferguson

Word has it that Sasha Ferguson found herself pregnant and her family was not okay with it. They demanded that Canary meets the family officially to save them from embarrassment.

The NBS TV news anchor had no option other than organising the proposal and introduction within a fortnight under intense pressure. 

Prior to settling in Uganda, it is rumoured that Sasha had moved in with a German guy named Philipp Kopp.