SAME OLD CASANOVA! Diamond Platnumz Caught On Camera Cosying Up With Another Babe, Baby Mama Tanasha Hits Back

January 8, 2020

Diamond Platnumz is said to be back to his old ways with women just a few months after Tanasha Donna welcomed their first child together.

The rumors making rounds on social media is that the Bongo singer is currently in a secret relationship with a lady known as Rosa. The two have apparently been seeing each other for months now and thanks to a new video – we can confirm that indeed the two are more than just friends.

In the video making sounds on social media, Rayvanny is heard saying “ Chombo Cha bossi” a confirmation that Diamond Platnumz was indeed busy when Tanasha was pregnant.

Watch the video below:

As expected fans on social media have already started warning Tanasha against Diamond Platnumz but she is not ready to take advice from the online friends!

In a new post shared by Tanasha, the lady goes on to tell off haters in a new post where she wrote;