Anatalia Oze, DJ Eddy Grey, Immy Candace Fired From Radio 4

January 8, 2020

NBS ‘UnCut’ presenter, Anatalia Oze has been fired from Ntinda based, Radio 4.

Anatalia who has been presenting ‘Sato Vako’ was shown the door for adding no impact to the station as the bosses thought.

Even DJ Eddy Grey who has been working with Anatalia has been fired too because of booze. It is said that Eddy Grey is always drunk at the station and his last blow came when Radio 4 had a show featuring Kanda Bongoman at Resort Beach, Entebbe on January 1st. Eddy Grey drunk himself silly which left Balaam angry.

Fired: Immy Candace

Immy Candace has aso been shown the door for touching Bebe Cool’s ‘anaconda’ at Imperial Resort. While on stage, Bebe Cool called any female reveler to come on stage and Candance happened wearing Radio 4 uniform. Bebe Cool asked her to touch any part of his body and guess what, Candance touched his ‘anaconda’ which Radio 4 termed as tarnishing the radio’s name.