Rickman Restless As Sheilah Gashumba Flies Out Of Uganda With Ruger

February 22, 2022
Sheilah Gashumba with Ruger

Sheilah Gashumba with Ruger

Rickman Manrick must be having sleepless nights after his bae, Sheilah Gashumba flew out of the country with Nigerian singer, Ruger.

After successful show at Chop Life, Garden City loof top, Ruger had to travel to Rwanda for another show that took place in Kigali last weekend.

During his stay in Uganda, Ruger became so close to Sheilah and would even ride in the same car which left netizens questioning their bond.

Sheilah with Ruger in the same car

Others started speculation that the Lil Stunner might not have survived the Nigerian superstar.

As we speak, Sheilah is still in Rwanda and she was seen escorting Ruger on his arrival at Kigali Airport.

Sheilah with Ruger on his arrival in Kigali

But our sources in Kigali intimated to us that the Lil Stunner travelled specifically for the Ruger’s show.

We can’t tell if Rickman is happy with her travel. Last week, Sheilah’s former boyfriend, Marcus Ali Lwanga aka God’s Plan waged a war of words against Sheilah and Rickman.

Sheilah Gashumba with Rickman Manrick

He branded ‘Bango’ hitmaker a snake for taking advantage of his hospitality and ended up snatching Sheilah from him.

God’s Plan also made claims that the Lil Stunner ate Eddy Kenzo when he was still with Rema and munched Vinka’s boo, Witta Nelson aka Nelly.

He also accuses the NBS ‘After5’ co-host of practicing witchcraft claiming that she moves with juju in her car boot.

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