Rickman Manrick reveals shocking information about his relationship with Sheila Gashumba

July 7, 2023

Singer Rickman Manrick has revealed shocking information about his relationship with media personality and influencer Sheilah Gashumba.

Sheilah and Rickman Manrick started dating in 2021 when her relationship with Gods Plan ended.

Before the relationship, Rickman was a close friend to Sheilah and Gods Plan, but he took the advantage of the break up to have her on his own.

Their relationship has been so public although Sheilah Gashumba’s father Frank Gashumba was clear about not liking Rickman Manrick.

That didn’t stop Sheilah from loving Rickman and the two have faced some social media trolls calling out Rickman saying he is ruled by the girlfriend.

Sheilah has been trending on social media for her indecent outfits she wore in South Africa.

Like any other supportive boyfriend, Rickman tweeted saying he doesn’t care about what Sheila Gashumba puts on.

According to the singer, Sheilah Gashumba is his everything and on top of that she is the husband and the bread winner in the relationship.

That is a rare statement to be made by an African man. But Rickman has Sheilah Gashumba’s back and he has to do anything to protect and support her in whatever situation.

“That is my boss, my manager, my husband, breadwinner, CEO buli kimu Nze just silina kyenina am just an understanding boyfriend/ girlfriend and am very contented 🙌🏾 wama mami @SheilahGashumba live your life, enjoy explore the world. Some people make millions some make memes. 🤓,” Rickman Manrick tweeted