Aziz Azion on why he encourages male celebrities to do DNA tests

July 7, 2023

Aziz Azion

Singer and songwriter Aziz Azion has come out and encouraged fellow male celebrities to consinder doing DNA tests on every child of theirs.

As a father, Aziz Azion said he has been through it all. He has been given children who are not biologically his and the only way he has found out I’d because of DNA.

As a celebrity, Aziz said he has met very many women some of them even forcing him to have some sexual moments with him.

He has hesitated some of them but others he has found himself with them already having something going on.

According to the singer, different women come with different reasons while dating a musician.

Some want their money and others just want to destroy their brands. So doing a DNA should be a priority before deciding to take the responsibility.

“I encourage male artists/celebrities never to hesitate doing DNA test, most ladies involved in ‘showbiz’ kind of relationships have other targets. So my men you shouldn’t fear knowing the truth,” Aziz Azion said