Rhoda K Confirms Insatiable Appetite For Women

March 8, 2022
Rhoda K

Rhoda K

US-based singer, Rhoda K Shelbie has finally confessed her insatiable appetite for fellow women, revealing that she has never dated a man.

In 2020, Rhoda K left netizens whispering after her photos swapping lips with fellow girl while shooting video of her song ‘Omala’.

Rhoda K swapping lips with babe

In an interview with local YouTuber, Andrew Luzze Anderson, Rhoda K cleared air and confirmed that she likes girls in different ways.

That is a personal question but I would say I love girls in different ways. Whether intimate love or just normal friendship, I don’t know how to describe it but I have no problem to do with girls and I don’t care what they say

Rhoda K

On whether she has plans of dating and settling down with a man, Rhoda told Luzze that that she has never dated a guy and hasn’t thought about marriage.

“I have never dated a guy by the way so I don’t know what happens. Right now, it has not crossed my mind yet but we leave that to God,” said Rhoda.

Rhoda, th former Gagamel affiliated singer further urged her critics not to be bothered by her personal decisions because she lives life the way she wants to.

She then revealed how she is working on a new album dubbed “My Life, My Way” which talks about how she lives her life her way.

Watch interview below: