Recho Rey Names Her Performance Price After Lockdown

May 10, 2020

Ragga-Dancehall artiste, Mirembe Racheal aka Recho Rey has set 1.5m as performance price effective after Coronavirus lockdown.

Recho Rey who has been threatening not to record more music until she gets sex, says quarantine has really squeezed them and claims 1.5m per show is not big dime.


Recho Rey stated her new price charges through a series of stories on her Instagram account just two days after she revealed how she was paid just 50k for her first performance as an artiste.

“Just Shs1.5m for a show?! This virus is going to do us more harm than good to us artistes”

Recho Rey is known for songs; Guma Bakunyige, Kiki Ekidako, Bwogana, Twewemu, Kiba Kigwa and many more.

Does she deserve 1.5m performance fee per show?