Mama Fina Publicly Rejects Abtex’s Proposal To Marry Her – WATCH VIDEO

May 10, 2020


Hours after being released on bail for holding unlawful protest, events promoter, Abby Musinguzi aka Abtex told Spark Tv that he has always admired the Traditional healer’s leader, Sylvia Namutebi  alias Mama Fina and wants to marry her.

Abtex said that Mama Fina will never get another man and he is wiling to wait for her until 90 years.

Abtex also threatened to use ‘Juju’ if peaceful means fail.





Responding to Abtex, Mama Fina labeled him a comedian arguing that he has spent a lot of time in comedy hence turning a comedian.

Mama Fina advised Abtex not to waste his time going to witchdoctors reminding him that she is their head.

She revealed that she is already seeing some one and said Abtex missed a chance when she has just lost her former husband, Maj. Kiggundu.

Watch the video below: