Rayvanny Leaks Harmonize-Kajala’s Daughter Chats

April 12, 2021
Rayvanny and Harmonize

Rayvanny and Harmonize

Rayvanny has accused the Konde Music Worldwide CEO, Harmonize of wanting to date his ex-lover Kajala Masanja and her daughter, Paula.

Through an Instagram post on April 12, Rayvanny accused Harmonize of sending nude photos to Kajala’s daughter Paula in complete disregard of his social standing as an influencer and role model.

L-R: Paula Kajala, Harmonize and Kajala Masanja

The ‘Kiuno’ singer further questioned whether the companies which have endorsed Harmonize would tolerate his acts which he termed as being ‘demeaning to women.

“When your daughter grows up and hears of this, she’ll wonder which kind of father would want to date a mother and the daughter,” Rayvanny posted.

“I advise you to ask for forgiveness from women because they deserve respect and not being undermined as you did, yet you keep entertaining as if nothing happened. Respect is a two-way street”, Vannyboy added.

According to Vannyboy, Harmonize’s actions left him shocked and introspecting on the nature of the Ushamba singer’s heart.

L-R: Rayvanny, Harmonize, Diamond Platnumz

Rayvanny Vs Harmonize

The public spat between the two singers started months back when Harmonize shamed Rayvanny for getting intimate with Paula. In a widely circulated video, the singer was seen kissing the teen but had to delete it shortly afterwards following the uproar.

Rayvanny with Kajala Masanja’s daughter, Paula Kajala

Vannyboy later apologised to Kajala for getting cosy with the teen, blaming his actions on the exuberance of youth. Recounting the incident in his Instagram post, Rayvanny said that Harmonize had called several leaders seeking to have him arrested and charged.

Vannyboy has also exposed WhatsApp chats of Harmonize hitting on Paula Kajala;

Kajala Dumps Harmonize

Last week, Kajala dumped harmonize after learning that he was making a move on her daughter.

After kicking out Harmonize, the actress unfollowed him on Instagram before deleting all photos of him.

Harmonize with Kajala Masanja

Harmonize and Kajala went public in February 2021, months after separating from his Italian wife, Sarah Michelotti.