Harmonize Dumped By New Bae, Kajala Masanja

April 4, 2021
Kajala Masanja with Harmonize

Kajala Masanja with Harmonize

Harmonize current girlfriend Frida Kajala Masanja has unfollowed him on social media and deleted all pictures of him on her timeline

Not much is known as to why the popular actress has resorted to such extremes a few months after going public on her relationship with Harmonize.

Harmonize with new love, Kajala Masanja

Harmonize on the other hand is yet to make any comment to confirm or deny that the two are broken up.

Kajala and Konde Boy started going steady in February this year months after the “Aiyola” hitmaker was dumped by Italian girlfriend, Sarah Michelotti for reportedly cheating on her.

Harmonize & sarah Michelotti

This is after he confessed to having sired a child with another woman.

He would apologize to both his Italian girlfriend and daughter Zulekha for having been compelled to hide her from the world later on but it appears the die was at the point already cast.

The two have not been able to settle their differences with Sarah moving back home to Italy, while Harmonize reveals he has filed for divorce since he and Sarah are already leading different lives.

The singer is just one of the many artists, including compatriot Diamond Platnumz who have found it hard to sustain relationships amid reports of challenges in handling the fame and money that comes with the entertainment industry.

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