Raymond Mujuni Pens Emotional Farewell As He Officially Quits NBS TV

February 10, 2020

Mujuni Raymond Carlton Qatahar has officially quit Nxt Media following weeks of rumour.

In 2017, Mujuni quit Serena-based NTV and joined NBS TV investigations desk. Bt after two years of frustration, Mujuni threw in a towel and he is set to join NTV Kenya.

Today, Mujuni penned down a farewell message on his Facebook page after producing 28 investigative & long form features.

Read Mujuni’s post below:

I cap my two years and three months working at Next Media Services with gratitude and overwhelming respect for the colleagues I worked with.

Over that time, we have produced 28 investigative & long form features, 11 of which I have been directly involved in.

We have caused national impact leading to changes in sexual harrasment legislations, bringing three accounting officers to prosecution for corruption charges, fronting national conversations on abortions, rehabilitations of key national assets like Portbell, cleaning up – for Makerere – a roster of predatory lecturers and creating new and effective ways of reporting Harrasment.

These could never have been achieved without the platform NBS offered and the hard and tireless work of colleagues.

Good Bye Next Media, Keep on keeping on.

Mujuni has also been working on Next Radio and NilePost.