Bebe Cool Expands Gagamel Entertainment, Reveals Mega Plans

February 10, 2020

Fresh from Guinness Football Night Challenge in Nigeria, Moses Sali a.k.a Bebe Cool announced big plans to expand Gagamel Entertainment.

After gifting his manager, Ronnie Mutabazi and producer Ronnie with Benz and Toyota Mark X respectively, Bebe revealed that he is planning to sign 20 girls.

He tasked Producer Ronnie to plan and make them big stars. He also added Bushington pushing the number Gagamel managers to nine.

In July 2019, Bebe Cool purchased a mini ARRI Alexa  & Red Gemini Cameras and he is setting up Video production.

Bebe urged employers to reward employees to inspire them work harder and feel appreciated.

Currently Bebe has Amber heart foundation, a charity organisation responsible for helping children born with heart problems.

He is also on a country tour sensitizing people to test for TB after receiving  $400,000 USD from Stop TB Partnership’s TB REACH initiative at a ceremony that took place in Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam in December, 2019.

Bebe Cool receiving grant to fight against TB